Steve Jobs Has Died

I turned on CNN expecting back to back coverage of Steve Jobs but there was nothing. I was shocked. That’s how much a part of my life he has been since 1982 when I purchased an Apple IIe. In 1997, it was still working. Though I had moved on to a Macintosh, one of my students who knew how to find adapters for new printers used it daily.

In 1997 when Apple was trading at $3.42, I couldn’t find anyone who would invest $10,000 for me. I had never bought stock and didn’t know how to do it. None of my friends would tell me nor would broker friends do the purchase themselves. Today one share, after having split more than once, it is trading at $387.

2,500 shares purchased for $10,000, including broker’s fees, in 1997 would be worth $967,500.

(Based on figures from CNN “In 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, 100 shares would have cost $342. Today it would be worth $37,900.”)

Today I have too much to do to think about it,

By Sharon Villines

Artist and Writer with too many interests living in Washington DC.

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  1. You might check out the very well, written, staged and acted Agony & Ectasy of Steve Jobs now at Woolly Mammoth. The play is a tour de force, as was Jobs, as is Apple, for better or is it worse?

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