Navigation Guidelines for Better Navigation and Categories

Navigation Guidelines is  report on an e-commerce  study at Baymard Institute which researches the best ways to improve the online user experience. This was an eight month large-scale usability research study on the product-finding experience—a multi-syllabic way of saying how people do or do not find things they are looking for on the web and how they feel about […]

Cake Normalizes Things: The Death Cafe Movement

Well, not blood sugar but it does help with death. In 2011 John Underwood, a web designer in London, held an informal meeting in his basement to discuss death. His idea was in the European tradition of informal discussion of ideas and based on that of Swiss sociologist, Bernard Crettaz, who organized “café mortels” to encourage […]

Cohousing Challenges: Communes and Survivalists

The ongoing challenge of cohousing is convincing town planning boards and neighborhood associations that a cohousing community is not a commune. It is more a cooperatively managed condominium than naked dancers in the woods living on rice and fruit. But in Utah the challenge is even greater. The disclaimer on the Utah Valley Commons Cohousing home […]

Website Design Research: What Works and What Doesn't

Jakob Nielsen, of the Nielsen Norman Group, has been conducting website design research since 1995, essentially since there were websites. He is the world expert on what works and what doesn’t. Instead of marketing, he focuses on the user experience. Ultimately that helps market information, services, and products, but his focus is not on how […]

WordCount: How Many Times Is a Word Used?

Another fabulous gem from the UK. WordCount is a ranking of the 86,800 most used words in the English language by frequency of use. Presented in the same format as a timeline—a beautiful timeline. Very minimalist and elegant. The design itself is worth the effort. From the site: WordCount data currently comes from the British National […]

United Kingdom’s Public Catalogue Foundation Paintings Online

An incredible resource and just great fun is the United Kingdom’s Public Catalogue Foundation Paintings online at the BBC website. It’s the first digital archive of a whole country’s holdings—in this case a kingdom. The collections are held by museums, universities, hospitals, town halls, local libraries, and even a lighthouse. It would take years to see all […]