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Sharon Villines

Pass the Olives: A Potpourri of Interests and Memories

Photo of Sharon Villines
Sharon Villines, 2009.

I love my website. I use it much more than anyone else ever will. It is the place where I store things I want to remember and things I want to share with others. I post things that I hope will be as useful to you as they are to me.

The world’s worst business  person, I also post information about the arts and crafts projects I do for my family and friends, and the websites I design. The reason I am a bad business person is that these are buried two layers deep and under-priced. Marketing is one of my pet peeves is marketing, which is a disadvantage for anyone desiring to sell things.

Scroll down for more information about what you can find here, or go to About Sharon Villines to find out more about me.

Gallery of Flowers

I make paper flowers from papers—tissue, crepe, wrapping, waxed, and whatever else gives the right look. I don’t have a gallery up but this is the bouquet I completed for my daughter Shannah’s birthday.

Bouquet of paper flowers
Shannah’s Bouquet, 2017

The New Business Card

A website is the new business card. A good website provides greater credibility, visibility, and accessibility. A bad website is like a business card that is unreadable and falls apart in 60 minutes.

I design WordPress websites professionals, small businesses, and cohousing communities. Websites don’t have to be complicated to be effective. Most people are looking for content pleasingly presented, not slow sites with too many fireworks or blinking lights. Like a business card, your website should tell people who you are, what you do, and how to contact you.

But better than a business card, websites are about content. They present information that gives you more credibility, visibility, and accessibility

The Top Six Things a Website Should Do

  • Communicate quickly and effectively
  • Provide essential information clearly
  • Be useful
  • Easily found
  • Fast and intuitive
  • Reliable, stable, and secure
  • And inexpensive

For all the details, Triple Threat Websites.


Inspiring, Curious, Useful

A complex logo for Tobias HallThis is where I store and recommend resources on, mostly on art and design, I often forget where I have found this or that wonderful thing, or that I even knew about it so I put them here. It includes any resource I value as an artist and writer—anything I use or recommend or wish I had used in my work. Typography, color, materials, words, books, and popcorn.

Some are inspiring, some curious, and some extremely useful. The choices are entirely idiosyncratic. Inclusion reflects my interests. Nothing comprehensive but I hope you discover something new.

Inspiring, Curious, Useful