The Nitty Gritty: Website Services and Costs

If you haven’t already, please read Website Design for more information.

Website Services and Costs

Initial Consultation on what you want and whether I  can meet your needs: Free

Basic Package: Design, Hosting, and Maintenance for One Year: $750

Includes initial design, hosting, and maintenance of a ~5-page website, a contact form, a subscription form, and 2 email addresses for one year.

The clock starts when we have contracted to work together and includes times when I am waiting for you to provide materials or to review what I have done.

The site can be visible quickly but It will take time for you to decide what you want on the site and how you want it to look. You will need to live with it a bit to determine if everything is there and worded the way you want it.

The first year will also give you time to learn to maintain your own site if you wish.

My fees are among the most affordable because I emphasize simple design, search engine optimization, security protection, and optimal speed over bells and whistles.

Maintenance Beyond the First Year: $240 annually

Websites require regular, ongoing maintenance at least once a month. Maintenance includes:

  • Annual domain name renewals
  • Hosting on the internet
  • Email accounts under your domain name.
  • Ongoing maintenance and security checks
  • Regular backups
  • Software upgrades
  • Security protection
  • Statistics on visitors
  • Protection against malware and pesky people

Does Not Include searching for or reformatting photographs, making videos, streaming movies, slide shows, or musical scores.  Photographs are important but as you may have already guessed, I think the others are a distraction unless you happen to be a videographer, photographer, or musician.

Additional Services: $40 an hour

Beyond the basic package and annual maintenance, most updates to current pages can be done in an hour. For additional material or redesign, I will estimate the hours needed and give regular reports on the time spent.

The kinds of services I can provide at additional costs include writing, editing, research, newsletters, galleries, connecting your site to Constant Contact, PayPal, etc.

If this seems reasonable to you, see Getting Started.

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