Spritz: Reading Revolution?

Spritz ad showing a small screen with their tagline "Reading Reimagined."Spritz is a method of reading based on new research. The finding is that experienced readers focus on a key point in a word and spend most of their time looking back and forth from one word to another. The Spritz method, patented technology, is based on the finding that we supposedly read a word by finding the key point in the middle of a word. Spritz shows one word at a time on the screen, centered appropriately. The speed with which words appear can be adjusted.

Background, FAQ, and an example can be found at the Spritz site.

Does Spritz Work?

It didn’t work for me because I find seeing the whole page or several sentences at a time is important to putting all the ideas together and I read in phrases, not words. Listening to books is not very satisfying because it is too linear.

If the example is an indication, I can probably read faster—I don’t actually know how fast I read. I had to go to 600 words per minute in the example just to keep focused on seeing one word at a time, but not sure how much I remember.

Certainly this would be good for iPhones since it is easier to read on small screens. But who reads on small screens?

Staring at computer screens is thought to be the reason they are not good for the eyes. Not sure if this rates as staring but what I’m doing is reading when I stare at the computer screen. Who knows?

A Critique by Annie Murpy Paul on the Time website, The “Brain App” That’s Better Than Spritz.

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