Cohousing Website Special

It is vitally important for developing cohousing communities to have a cohousing website. Because many communities need to post the same information, Triple Threat Websites has template for cohousing communities that includes basic information and an outline of information that would be useful to prospective members.

The basic package for the Cohousing Websites Special is $300 instead of $500. It does require a member of the local group to eventually learn how to update dates, prices, contact information, etc. This is not hard; it is much like using a word processor. A member of my community recently did this with less than 2 hours of help. This is also a skill that will be beneficial to the community during construction and after move-in.

A website can make a huge difference in:

Establishing Credibility: Rumors, vague memories, and outdated flyers on bulletin boards are not always the best way to convince people that you are serious. A website can do that with up-to-date information.

Attracting New Members: It is not uncommon for prospective residents to lurk many months before coming forward to indicate interest. For many people it is a big step to say I’ll try this. Others want to be sure they are willing to make the commitment and not let the group down later. Some want to avoid being pressured by sales pitches once their name get on your list. A website allows them to make decisions.

Expand Your Reach: Flyers, press releases, and local newspaper articles only reach local prospects. Estimates are that more than 10% of households in the United States move each year. As cohousing publicity grows, more and more people will be using search engines to find cohousing communities in their area. As the Baby Boomers retire, many move back home or to the place they always wanted to live. In your community, 10% could be filled with households from outside your area.

Sharing Community and Sales Information: A website is an excellent way to store information where all your members and prospective members can find it. The press can refer to it and find accurate copy. Updated contact information can be posted. Descriptions of unit designs and available units can be posted without the expense of print media.

If you are a forming cohousing community, please read the rest of the site and contact us through Getting Started.

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